How to Retrieve Your Stock File from Your HPTuners nGauge

Your HPTuners nGauge is designed to allow Ortiz Performance to build you custom tunes based upon your unique factory file that you pull off of your car’s computer. It does not contain any “canned” tunes, as it is a fully custom tuning device.

Before we can begin to write your custom tune file, you must complete a “read” of your factory program.

It is extremely important that you start by reading your STOCK FACTORY program. Before you begin, remove any custom tuning that is currently on the vehicle and set it back to the stock tune.

1.) Plug the nGauge into the OBDII port. Once at the main menu, select “Tuning”.

2.) Scroll down the Tuning menu using the down arrow until you get to the bottom, select “Read Vehicle”.

3.) You will be prompted to select the Vehicle type. Make sure you select the correct year, model and engine.

4.) When prompted to Turn Key On, make sure to turn the key on without turning on ignition.

5.) Once the nGauge begins saving stock, DO NOT unplug the nGauge or turn the key off.

6.) When the vehicle’s stock file has been saved, the nGauge will say “Vehicle Calibration Saved” and list the name of the stock file and its file location on the nGauge.

7.) Option 1: (USB cable) Unplug the nGauge and bring it to your PC, then plug it into the PC using a Mini-USB cable. When the nGauge powers on, select “Diagnostics” from the main menu, then select “USB SD” to allow your computer to see the nGauge as a storage device.

7.) Option 2: (MicroSD Card) If you prefer to eject the MicroSD card and use a card reader to transfer files, use the SD Adapter to eject the MicroSD card from the lower left portion of the nGauge, then plug it into your card reader.

8.) Once the USB (or MicroSD card) is plugged into the PC, your computer will prompt you to “Open folder to view files.” Select that option.

9.) A file window will open up, displaying the contents of the NGAUGE. Select the “stock files” folder to view the stock files you have saved.

10.) Locate your vehicle’s stock file, indicated by the number at the end of the file name.

11.) Once you locate the stock file from your vehicle, transfer it to your PC.

12.) Fill out the Ortiz Performance tune request form at and include your .stk file with your request.

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