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Ortiz Sponsorship Opportunities

Ortiz Performance, LLC, is proud to support local and remote racers who support the Ortiz Performance brand in their quest to better their position in multiple racing divisions across the world in exchange for promotion through social media outlets and local exposure.
No matter your team size, travel ability, or the racing style you participate in, we want to help, and we have several options that you may quality to take advantage of. At Ortiz Performance, LLC, we aren't just about selling tunes and performance products, we want to see our customers out enjoying their vehicle, telling others about their experiences, and striving for the betterment of the Automotive Racing Industry and achieving their personal goals.

Affiliate Program:

The first program offering we want to make EVERYONE aware of is the Ortiz Performance AFFILIATE PROGRAM. Whether you are a social media influencer, a YouTube Vlogger, or just active on the forums, we want to help you to help us expand our reach. Enrollment in our program is FREE, and there is no approval process to get started. With registration, you'll gain access to your own user portal where you'll receive an Affiliate ID to add to any links you share, and you'll earn a sales commission on EVERY sale generated through your link. The possibilities are limitless, and you can earn as much or as little as you want base on your involvement and input. JOIN TODAY!
Contingency Program:
The first of our 2022 Race Season Sponsorship Options is the Ortiz Performance Contingency Program. With program approval, you and your race team will receive an Ortiz Performance Swag Pack including an Ortiz Performance Windshield Banner, Stickers, Contact Cards, and other merchandise to display your participation in our Sponsorship Program. You'll also receive contingency payouts for each event or milestone you reach with documented proof and Ortiz Performance signage on or near the vehicle when doing so. Read more about our Contingency Program HERE.
Team Sponsorship Program:
For our more experienced race teams and customers looking for a more inclusive sponsorship program, we are able to offer programs catering to your exact needs for the race season. This is a limited availability program for each season, and not all who apply will be chosen. Details and participation requirements will be discussed on an individual basis to create a mutually beneficial partnership for both the race team and Ortiz Performance, LLC.
Interested in joining our team? Apply today!
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