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Device Trade-in Program

Trade in your old device for the latest technology and get cash from Ortiz Performance!

Already have an SCT programmer, but looking to upgrade to the newest product offering or move to an HPTuners nGauge device? We make it easy to do so in 3 simple steps!

1.) Purchase your new device

2.) Ship your old device to us

3.) Receive a refund for the value of your old device!

SCT X4 Handheld
SCT BDX Handheld
Ortiz Performance, LLC

Device Trade-In Value:

How much is my device worth?

SCT X4 Handheld - $150

SCT BDX Handheld - $175

SCT Livewire TS+ - $250

* Trade-in device must be in work order, good condition, unlocked & unmarried from the vehicle with all cables included.

Trade-In Preparation:

Follow these steps to expedite processing:





Use your OLD programmer to return the vehicle to stock tune.

Verify that the device is UNMARRIED and UNLOCKED in the "Device Info" menu.

Print the Trade-In Packing Slip below.

Package the device in the same box your new handheld came and ship it to the address below.


Print The Device Trade-in Form and Instructions

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