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Custom Tuning Support

Together with our network of authorized dealers and resellers across the country, we can make your dreams a reality and use an individual approach to tying your modifications together as a performance package.

A common misconception is to wait until you are done adding modifications before you tune, but are you ever really done? The truth is a good tune should be where your journey starts, as our unique calibrations can greatly improve even a stock vehicle to enhance the driving experience. Many tuners charge extra for transmission tuning, but we believe when you pay us to tune your car, you are paying for us to tune the whole car, not just a portion of it. We also use a tiered approach to tuning. Instead of charging you a set price for the base tune and then make you purchase each revision, we have taken a hard look at common modifications and we've developed different tuning levels, or tiers, for each vehicle that contain the most popular modification sets as you continue your journey. Free revisions are included with each tier, and if/when you exceed your support tier, simply pay the difference to the next tier to keep going. Ortiz Performance will work with you to deliver raw power while keeping reliability and safety in mind.

Effective March 1, 2023, Ortiz Performance has instituted a 60 day time limit on all tuning support purchases. If you purchase a tune on January 1st, your purchase will include a 60 day window to complete your tuning process, expiring on March 1st. Additional support purchases (novelty tunes, tier upgrades, remote dyno sessions) will reset the clock for an additional 60 days. Purchases are not eligible to stack the timeline, the timeline will reset from each date of purchase. For example, if you purchase a ghost cam tune on February 1st, your timeline will reset and support will expire on April 1st. Additional timeline extensions may be purchased in 60 day increments


Did we mention that if you buy parts from us as an Ortiz Performance tuning customer, we'll revise it for free? So if you buy a Level 1 Support package then purchase a Supercharger from us, you won't owe a penny more for tuning support. So when you're debating on where to purchase your parts from, think no further than Ortiz Performance as well!

Ortiz Performance strives for compliance with the Clean Air Act, and will not disable OBD codes for delete products such as cat deletes, EGR deletes, etc. This is non-negotiable, and "off road use only" does not apply in this situation. All modifications by the end user will be the responsibility of the end user, and cannot be overridden by our tuning services.

Ready to rock? We are too!

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