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Frequently Asked Questions

At Ortiz Performance, we're here to help make your vehicle customization experience as seamless as possible. As we continue to field questions, we'll do our best to post them here to hopefully save you from the stress and time lost that comes with this industry.

What makes Ortiz Performance better than other tuners?

- Ortiz Performance, LLC, strives to treat every customer with respect, and our knowledgeable staff shares the same passion you do. With Ortiz Performance, you aren't just a number, you're a valued customer. Whether you're in the showroom or across the world, you'll get the same level of experience no matter how much money you spend with us.

How long does it take to receive my base file?

- Tuning orders are fulfilled in the order received, and typical response time is 24-48 hours but may vary depending on our current backlog. We do offer RUSH PROCESSING for customers who need quicker support, as well as Remote Tuning Sessions to help expedite your service even further. 

How do I tell if a dealer is actually selling your tunes?

- You can view our current list of Authorized Dealers and Resellers HERE. All dealers are fully vetted by Ortiz Performance, carry a LLC incorporation and liability insurance where available, and utilize Ortiz Performance tunes for their customer base. If you ever have doubts about the validity of a company selling our tuners, please email us to confirm. 

How many tuners do you have?

- We currently employ two tuners for our tuning services. Luis Ortiz, our owner and operator, is the primary tuner for all Ford customers. We also contract with Billy Kessel of Kessel's Performance, who handles our GM tuning as well as some of our Ford tuning services as needed. Both are seasoned veterans with SCT and HPTuners, and can complete your tuning needs.

Can I use my MPVI2 for tuning?

- Of course! With the release of the HPTuners TDN Mobile Application, Ortiz Performance has reinstated the ability to tune utilizing the MPVI2/MPVI2+/MPVI3 tuning dongle. We do require that all tuning proceed through the TDN Mobile App, but we can take care of your needs. We do not send raw .hpt files due to our Clean Air Act compliance.

Do you stock everything on your website?

- With the wide array of products offered on our website as well as what we are able to source that isn't on our website, we are unable to have physical inventory of every possible performance combination, and rely on a wide offering off manufacturer direct as well as wholesale distributor options around the country to best serve you and your performance needs. While we may every attempt to keep up to date with product availability, many of our product offerings are considers SPECIAL ORDER or MAKE TO ORDER, and carry a standard build time which varies by manufacturer. If you need something quickly, please email us before ordering to ensure availability and to work with our staff for alternative options if the desired product is not immediately available.

Can I pay for expedited shipping?

- Of course! Our standard website shipping is FREE for most items, and is typically ground shipping via FedEx, UPS, or USPS depending on supplier preference. If you need an item faster, please reach out to our staff for a custom quote and to verify product availability.

Can you delete my Emissions Monitoring Equipment?

- Due to the Clean Air Act, we cannot modify or eliminate any emissions monitors or disable CELs that may arise from modifying the emissions system.


- Ortiz Performance strives for compliance with the Clean Air Act, and will not disable OBD codes for delete products such as cat deletes, EGR deletes, etc. This is non-negotiable, and "off road use only" does not apply in this situation. All modifications by the end user will be the responsibility of the end user, and cannot be overridden by our tuning services.

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