How do I Reset KAM with my nGauge?

1.) With your nGauge connected to your vehicle, select "Diagnostics" from the Main Menu.

2.) Using the down arrow, navigate down the selections until you reach "Functions" and select it.

3.) A warning screen will be displayed, advising to speak with your tuner before performing this function.At this point, you can choose to return to the Diagnostics menu by pressing "X" or you can continue by pressing the check mark.

4.) You will be prompted to to turn the key on but do not start the vehicle. Once you have done so, click the check mark to continue.***Please Note: The nGauge being used must be married to the vehicle.***

5.) If nGauge and vehicle are confirmed married, a screen stated "Found Married Vehicle" will appear. Click the check mark to continue.

6.) Select to "Reset PCM KAM" or "Reset TCM KAM" from the choices listed.

7.) A notification screen that states the "Operation Succeeded" will be displayed, confirming the process was completed. Press the check mark to return to the Diagnostics menu.

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