Stimulate the economy and your need for speed with the new Trump Bucks Power Pack from Ortiz Performance! 


Maximize your Performance and Fuel Economy with a Custom Tune from Ortiz Performance! Our custom tunes offer the performance and reliability you expect from a performance vehicle with datalogged verification and revisions to ensure that your car is operating optimally.


Many customers have had great experience with our Stage 1 power pack, and we are now offering special pricing by combining an EPP Dual Intake for optimized performance. With this intake and our custom tunes, we've seen 390hp (93) or 410hp (E30 blended fuel) and over 500 ft-lbs of torque!


** Requires a Windows-based PC and SCT handheld device. **


Once tune is purchased, you will be redirected to our tune request form to complete your request. All tunes are completed and reviewed personally by owner and operator Luis Ortiz.


Package includes:

* Motorcraft 2.5 Bar MAP Sensor

* Rat Stat 170* Thermostat

* Ford Performance M-12405-35T Spark Plugs Pre-Gapped to 0.026"

* SCT X4 Handheld

* EcoPowerParts Dual Intake

* Ortiz Performance Custom Tunes


Our support packages have been consolidated for easier ordering and support expansion.


Level 1 Support:

  • Stock Vehicles
  • Cold Air Intakes
  • Exhaust Modifications
  • Standard Pump Fueling


Level 2 Support:

  • Level 1 Support PLUS
  • Intake Manifold Upgrades
  • E30-E50 Blended Fueling


Level 3 Support:

  • Level 2 Support PLUS
  • Meth/Nitrous
  • E85/Fuel System Changes
  • Camshaft Upgrades


Level 4 Support - "The All Out Package":

  • Level 3 Support PLUS
  • Forced Induction Upgrades
  • Built Motor Calibration
  • Engine Swap Vehicles


**EPP is currently experiencing a shortage on the EPP Dual Intake regarding the "S-Coupler" that connects the intake to the rear turbo. Kits are currently shipping short, and the new coupler will follow as soon as they are available.**

Trump Bucks Power Pack | 2010+ Taurus SHO/Flex/Explorer Sport/MKS

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Add Catch Can Bung (2015+ Models)
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    - Forced Induction Installation

    - Aftermarket Exhaust

    - High Performance Suspension

    - Engine Diagnostics



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