Maximize your Performance and Fuel Economy with a Custom Tune from Ortiz Performance! Our custom tunes offer the performance and reliability you expect from a performance vehicle with datalogged verification and revisions to ensure that your car is operating optimally.


Power gains of up to 80 hp over stock and up to 1 second faster than the factory calibration with no other modifications!


** Requires a Windows-based PC and HPTuners nGauge/RTD/MVPI2 device. **


Once tune is purchased, you will be redirected to our tune request form to complete your request. All tunes are completed and reviewed personally by owner and operator Luis Ortiz.


Bundle with an HPTuners RTD (Remote Tuning Device) and receive an instant $50 discount from your order!


Our support packages have been consolidated for easier ordering and support expansion.


Level 1 Support:

  • Stock Vehicles
  • Cold Air Intakes
  • Exhaust Modifications
  • Standard Pump Fueling


Level 2 Support:

  • Factory Supercharged Vehicles (Cobra/Roush/Saleen etc.)
  • Intake Manifold Upgrades


Level 3 Support:

  • Level 2 Support PLUS
  • Meth/Nitrous; OR
  • Forced Induction; OR
  • E85/Flex Fuel/Fuel System Changes; OR
  • Camshaft Upgrades


Level 4 Support - "The All Out Package":

  • Level 3 Support PLUS
  • Multiple Level 3 Upgrades
  • Built Motor Calibration
  • Engine Swap Vehicles


** Tunes typically take 24-48 hours to complete, fulfilled Monday-Friday except on holidays. In the event that you need your tune request completed sooner, please consider purchasing our Rush Processing Option to ensure expedited response. **


**Your tune purchase may require the need to purchase 2 or 4 tuning credits through VMC Suite to load the tune to your RTD/MVPI2 dongle. nGauge Credits purchases take place at the time of tuning purchase, but RTD/MVPI2 credits will be purchased at the time of loading.**


How many credits do I need to purchase?


nGauge customers can purchase tuning credits HERE.

HPT Custom Tunes for 11-21 F-150 5.0L Ti-VCT

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