Looking to run E50 or even E85 on your 2010-2019 Taurus SHO/Flex/Explorer/Lincoln MKS with the 3.5L Transverse Ecoboost? Look no further than Ortiz Performance!


Xtreme-DI High Pressure Fuel Pump & DW300C In-tank Fuel Pump Combo


Maintaining fuel pressure is the difference between blowing a motor and not. When fuel pressure drops, air fuel ratio goes lean. When you want the most out of your system, you need more octane. E30 or E50 tunes are doing just that, maximizing your octane level but at the sacrifice of fuel demand. The stock HPFP is rated at only 2150psi, and started to really suffer with higher boost or ethanol fuel contents. Adding the XDI-35 fuel pump has remedied that need for most, and we've seen vast improvements over the stock fuel system. However, as you begin to add more modifications, and the desire for E50 tuning increases, the in-tank LPFP becomes the bottleneck, causing additional fuel pressure drops and instability. That's no longer the case with the DW300C in-tank fuel pump complementing the XDI HPFP. Maintain 2500+ psi throughout the power band and maximize your power potential!

XDI gives us the difference we have been searching for.

E85, aftermarket turbos, built motors, high horsepower...

If you any of these are on your mind, then you need an upgraded high pressure fuel pump.

XDI-HPFP-35 provides a 35% increase

over the factory high pressure fuel pump. If that isn't enough, they offer the XDI-HPFP-60 as well.

Injection Pressure Comparison for Ford F150 3.5L Ecoboost V6:

  • OEM: 150bar / 2150psi
  • XDI-HPFP-35: 200bar / 2900psi
  • XDI-HPFP-EVO: 240bar / 3500 psi
  • XDI-HPFP-60: 240bar / 3500 psi



  • Application Maximum Rail Pressure: 200bar / 2900psi
  • Fuel Compatibility: all known fuels, all Ethanol blends
  • Electric Connector: Bosch Compact 2-pin
  • Driver Profile: OEM
  • Mechanical Data Geometric Volume: 1.58cc / rev (depending on cam lobe)
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 200LPH (depending on cam lobe)
  • Housing material: stainless steel hard coated
  • Aluminum O-Ring material: Viton
  • Cam-Lobe: 4x4.4mm


Upgraded turbo vehicles will require upgraded injectors for E85 use. E85 comes at a trade off of boost for timing, but at the sake of not requiring custom mixing. Ethanol content analyzer required for E85 tunes.


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XTREME-DI & DW300C Fuel Upgrade COMBO | 2010-2019 3.5L Transverse Ecoboost

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