Ortiz Performance remote tunes by themselves provide proven performance while maintaining the reliability and dependability that you need from a street driven vehicle. But if you are need to take your car that extra mile, or you don't have a safe location to perform high speed datalogging to ensure optimal performance, we now have a solution available to make your tuning experience even easier.


How Does Remote Tuning on a Dyno Work?

Remote tuning with a dynamometer is another great way to get your car tuned. We have a network of dealers across the country that you can buy our tuning from, or you can purchase it directly through us and arrange your own dyno time. Performing the tuning session on a dyno gives you the benefit of completing the tune in a fairly short amount of time. When not using one of our dealers, it is important to note that not all dyno shops are open to remote tuning being done on their dynos. So it is important to find a shop open to the idea.


The Dyno Process:


  • Place your order via our website, or contact one of our Dyno Dealers and buy directly from them.
  • Before the car hits the dyno, it is best to do an Idle and Rev log to be sure the car is assembled correctly and ready for the dyno. It is preferred that this is done BEFORE you make your dyno appointment, but that is not always possible. 
  • Contact the dyno shop and find 2 to 3 dates they are available that work for you. Give us a call or send us an email through the support system to make sure we are available. We will pick one of the dates you have selected, and we will book the appointment.
  • Once you arrive at the dyno, email us so we can be prepared when you are ready to start. Get the car strapped down and do the first set of logs per our instructions.
  • Email the log(s) to your support ticket. We will review the logs and reply back with an update if needed and further instructions.
  • Install the update and do the next dyno pull. Email us the log.
  • This process repeats until the car is fully tuned at WOT.


Street Revisions:

  • The car needs to be driven on the street for some street driving logs. This can be done by the dyno operator or the customer depending on preference. 
  • After the street logs are reviewed and any outstanding issues are corrected, the tune is complete.


This purchase is for the dyno session ONLY, and does not constitute a tune purchase in itself. This is for one single session and block of our time up to 5 hours. Additional sessions will need to be purchased if required.

Ortiz Performance Remote Dyno Tuning Session


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