Division X fuel systems are by far the most widely used, easy to install and best performing systems on the market. With our drop in direct fit billet fuel hat and multiple fuel pump options we have systems for all horsepower levels and fuel types. Horsepower above 1600 and beyond 2000 can be achieved with pump choice.

Our systems come complete with everything you need excluding fuel injectors

Our systems come standard with Fragola pre-assembled PTFE fuel hose. PTFE fuel hose is more durable than the standard pushlite hose and prevents fuel smell typically found when using non PTFE hose. The Fragola PTFE fuel hose has an PTFE inner liner which is then covered in a stainless steel braid and then covered in a black protective vinyl coating. This prevents the hose from scratching any parts of the vehicle or engine. The hose ends are all black anodized for stealth look.

The Division X 99-04 return style fuel systems are designed as a "dead head" setup. This places the regulator before the fuel rails which we've found works excellent and we've proven it over the years both on the track and the dyno with all of the Lethal Performance project cars.

-CP-E Triple Pump Return Style Fuel Hat
-DivisionX Fuel Rails
-2x Walbro GSS342 Fuel Pumps 255lph (upgradable)
-DivisionX 10 Micron Fuel Filter
-Aeromotive 4 Port Pro Series EFI Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Lethal Performance Triple Pump Return Style Wiring Harness
-0-100psi Mechnical Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Fragola PTFE Pre-Assembled Fuel Hose (10an Feed, 8an Return)
-Fragola, XRP fittings
-Vacuum Hose and T-Fitting
-Hose end clamps, loom clamps, self tapping screws, zip ties
-Installation Instruction Manual

CP-E Triple Pump Fuel Hat Features:-The SN95 dual pump return style fuel hat can house several different size fuel pumps such as the Walbro F90000262, F90000267, F90000274, F90000285, GSS342, Aeromotive 11542 and the DivisionX Stryker Pumps. This way if you go with a lower rated system and want to upgrade later on to support more power all you need to do is swap pumps and you're done.
The CP-E fuel hat is a direct replacement for your factory stock fuel pump setup and bolts right in. It's got a single -10an feed and a -8an return port. All of the CP-E hats are hard anodized in black for extra protection are are fully compatible with regular gasoline as well as E85.
Fuel Hat Features:
-10an Feed
-8an Return Port
-O-Ring Style Fittings for Feed and Return (No More Teflon Paste Needed)
-BIG Bore feed and return path for optimal flow.
-Oversize pump retainer fits a pair of either the Walbro F90000262, F90000267, F90000274, F90000285, GSS342, Aeromotive 11542 or the DivisionX Stryker Pumps
-Snap on electrical connectors for pumps
-Direct replacement for your stock fuel pump assembly. Bolts right in using an OEM gasket for a perfect seal and an OEM 03-04 cobra fuel sending unit in the stock location.
-Eliminates the PPRV and offers a direct in-tank hose routing to both fuel pumps for optimum fuel delivery.
-Leak Free Design
-No welding or caulk used in assembly or manufacturing. Full billet components use o-rings and seals for a leak free design
-Hard Anodized in a deep black finish for extra protection
-Viton O-Rings/Compatible with E85
-Uses 30R10 submersible fuel hose which won't crack or deteriorate
-Hardware and installation instructions included

NOTE: Uses the factory 2003-2004 Cobra level sender OR any 99-04 GT, 03-04 Mach-1 or 99-01 Cobra level sender WITH the purchase of the SN95 level sender adapter bracket.

Division X SN95 Triple Pump Return Fuel System | 99-04 Mustang Cobra/GT/Mach 1

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