The Division X 2018+ return style fuel system was designed for those looking to make big power as well as have the option to run different fuel types. Since the 2018+ Mustang GT comes both port and direct injected we designed our return style fuel system with 2 fuel pressure regulators and the option to run either two or three pumps.


This system will work with Paxton, Procharger, and turbo (single/twin) setups. It comes with aftermarket fuel rails.

One of the Aeromotive fuel pressure regulators provides static fuel pressure to the high pressure fuel pump while the other Aeromotive regulator is boost referenced to support the port side fueling. Fuel is provided by the DivisionX triple pump fuel hat capable of running either 2 or 3 pumps and is a direct replacement for your stock fuel pump assembly. The DivisionX fuel hat utilizes the stock fuel level sender so you'll always have an accurate fuel level reading.

Fragola pre-assembled PTFE lined hoses are used for the hose routing. The Fragola PTFE hoses not only look good and are easy to install, but they also don't have any fuel weep or smell to them whether you run pump gas or Ethanol based fuels. The PTFE fuel hoses are also covered in a black coating to help prevent the stainless outer braid from rubbing or scratching any part of your vehicle.

Wiring for this system is super easy with the provided Triple pump fuel wiring harness. Our triple pump wiring harness features high quality wires/components, 3 40amp relays which are all individually fused and the main power from the battery is also protected by a fusible link.

This fuel system will work with gasoline, race fuels and Ethanol based fuels such as E85.

Kit Includes:
DivisionX Fuel Hat (Run up to 3 pumps)
DivisionX 2018+ Mustang GT High Flow Fuel Rails (Black Anodized)
2 Walbro F90000267 465lph E85 Approved Fuel Pumps
DivisionX High Flow Fuel Filter (Optional Stainless / Washable Filter Element)
Lethal Performance Triple Pump Return Style Wiring Harness
Dual Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulators
Pre-Assembled Fragola PTFE Lined Black Coated Fuel Hose
Fragola Performance Fuel Fittings, Vacuum Hose, Zip Ties, Loom Clamps, Self -Tapping Screws and T-Fitting


NOTE: This system is to be used with the stock intake manifold on 2018+ GT's. To use this system on a Whipple or Edelbrock equipped vehicle you'll want to choose the system specific to that supercharger model. Additional, for some supercharged and turbocharged setups, some customizations may be needed to bracketry due to fitment.

Division X Return Style Fuel System | 18+ Mustang 5.0L

Filter Element
Fuel Pumps Option
Add 5psi Hobbs Switch

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