I Need Warranty Work, What Do I Do?

Often times customers need to take their car in for service, whether it be for an A/C recharge, interior warranty, or even an engine service. We often get questions regarding how this should be handled when you have a tune, so we have a few points of advice:

1.) Let your service advisor know that you are tuned - honesty is always the best policy, and being open about the tune can save a lot of headache down the road. Many times the dealer will get notices about new firmware updates for your car, and perform a vehicle strategy update, or reflash, or your pcm. Letting the advisor know that you have a tune loaded and would like to waive any updates will let them know that you don't want the car reflashed.

2.) Return to the stock calibration - If you are having engine work performed, it's best to go ahead and return to the factory tune if possible (based on modifications) and return any modifications back to stock that affect the tune (map sensors, intakes, etc.). If the dealership is performing computer diagnostics, it's best to return the car as far back to factory stock as possible, since it's what they are trained in and allows for the best service for your vehicle.

3.) Write down your strategy code - Your tune is tied to your vehicle through the vehicle strategy code. In the event the dealership reflashes the pcm, this code will change, leaving your tune inoperable. If they change the pcm strategy and you had a tune loaded, you will lose all communication with your handheld as the handheld will think it is synced with a different vehicle, preventing any tune changes. If this happens, you will need to send your handheld into SCT to be reset to factory programming - It's free with proof of dealer service, but still a hassle.

4.) Compare your strategy code to the one you wrote down in Step 3. If it has changed, please let us know. It's a quick change, we'll do it for free, and it'll get you back on the road quickly and without any headaches.

5.) Reload your tune and enjoy the car. Make sure to re-install any modifications that are required for the tuning calibration to ensure optimal performance and drivability.

Got any questions about this article, or have another question you'd like answered? Let us know at http://support.ortizperformance.com/ or email us at OrtizTuningPerformance@gmail.com!

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