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**Beginning 3/31/2021 all cold air intakes will come with recirc connections for your factory BoV and pricing has been adjusted accordingly to include them.**


Eco Power Parts is now the owner of this design. This intake system features individual 2.5? inlet pipes from each turbo to the air filter removing the restrictive WYE pipe and crushed inlet pipes that other intake systems leave in place only replacing the air box/air filter.  Features a heat shield that is sealed to the hood, and sealed off from the engine compartment drawing in air from behind the headlight and the factory �ram-air� tract making it the only of its kind on the market and superior to other options in terms of performance.


Applications include the 2010-2017 Taurus SHO, Explorer/Flex and Lincoln MKT/MKS with 3.5EB of same years.


Please allow 10 days for uncoated pipes and 20 days for powder coated pipes to ship.


Basic Installation Instructions:


There's 3 pipes and 3 silicone hoses and 6 clamps. 


  1. 1 long one that goes to the rear turbo with the weird shaped silicone hose that attaches to the inlet of the turbo via a 2.5" clamp and a 1.875" clamp
  2. There's a pipe with a 90 degree turn and two fittings for the boost reference and the brake booster, that goes to the air filter and the long pipe to the rear turbo via the 2.5" silicone hump hose via 3x2.5" clamps
  3. The U shaped pipe with a longer leg goes to the front turbo and the air filter via 2x2.5" clamps and a 1.75" clamp


Comes with all couplers and clamps to install



Please make sure to wash and blow out the pipes prior to installing it is possible there is machining oil and metal shavings in the pipes after manufacturing is completed. 


Powder coating blemishes on the end of the pipes due to machining oil will be covered by the silicone hoses and will not impact the functionality and/or appearance of the pipes.


Please be aware, Raw (unfinished) pipes may have extensive machining marks and blemishes due to the manufacturing process, and may require some work for a show quality finish. For a turn key, ready to install kit, please consider one of our powdercoated options.


This product is made to the customers order and is not eligible for refunds or returns.

EcoPowerParts Dual Intake 10-19 Taurus SHO/Flex/MKS/Explorer 3.5L Transverse

PriceFrom $660.00

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    Product Reviews

    average rating is 3 out of 5, based on 150 votes, Product ratings

    98% would recommend

    Thank you for your review.

    Cj Napier

    average rating is 5 out of 5

    Aug 17, 2022

    NA King

    I have used all of the big name tuners before I came across Ortiz and ran the fastest times I ever have, with Ortiz. . I ran my fastest time in much worse DA as well, compared to the other 2 big names. Don't waste your money like I did and go directly to the source of the fastest NA cars around!

    I recommend this product.


    average rating is 5 out of 5

    May 27, 2022

    Installed on 2018 Taurus SHO

    Pump works great. To anyone who might want to save some cash and want a plug-in play install then order this fuel pump from 1A Auto
    2018 Ford Explorer V6 3.5L Turbo Passenger Side Fuel Pump Module Assembly TRQ FPA72032. Its a simple replacement. Pumps are same size, no boring/sanding ridge to make pump fit. No splicing of wires either, connector from 1A Auto is plug and play. Just reuse spacer on pump and use one of the new o-rings and your done. Took me 30 minutes. I swapped out float with OEM, explorer and SHO floats are different. Only pain is retainer on rod on housing, its plastic and you will need needle nose plyers to get it off.

    I recommend this product.

    Martha Gomez

    average rating is null out of 5

    Apr 18, 2022


    They are 2 injector’s, how many they are.?

    I recommend this product.

    Crazy Cooter

    average rating is 5 out of 5

    Apr 8, 2022


    I bought the E85 conversion kit for my 3.7 from Ortiz Performance (OP) for a couple reasons. First, they specialize in the Cyclone whereas a lot of tuners don't want to bother tuning it (...cause what's the point?). Second, I talked via email at great length with one of their tuners, Lee Ament, and he was happy to take all the time I needed answering questions with detailed answers. Because of the amount of service I received before I purchased, I was convinced that I would be in good hands. I also liked that their favored injector (in the kit) is a genuine Ford part (OEM for the GT500).

    I could tell right away that the OP gas tune was superior to the canned, Bama tunes I was using previously. I could immediately feel that shifts were taking 1/3 less time to complete and I could feel a lot of throttle boost across all rpm and especially in 1st gear (low rpm). I remember asking Bama to add more throttle boost to my tune and they simply don't make changes like that.

    The E85 tune was great. Instant 10%-15% power boost and response across all rpm and really fills in the gap at lower rpm. Feels like I'm using a throttle booster, but I'm not.

    There's only so much you can do to a Cyclone without forced-induction and E85 is a welcome, significant improvement if you already have everything else.

    Installation is straight-forward, you can find a number of videos on YouTube that show exactly how to do this.

    The one important thing to note: These injectors are taller than the stock injectors and
    will not fit deep enough into the fuel rail UNLESS you do not use the stock fuel-injector clips!...which is completely OK! OP and all the above-mentioned videos will also state this. You will probably need a spacer (like a washer) on the 4 fuel rail bolts to fill a small gap. (If you don't pull the injector clips, the fuel rail will make contact with the manifold.) It will also run like crap until you put your first OP tune on it.

    I recommend this product.

    Robert J