NOTICE: Hot pipes no longer include the front turbo to intercooler hose due to supply issues, there is not an ETA as to when this will change.


If you submit for a meth bung or Tial/TurboXS BoV please allow 3-5 business days for it to be welded on, for powder coating also add business 3-5 days.


Standard Powdercoating Options:

  • Wrinkle Black
  • Satin Black
  • Gloss Black


Premium Powdercoating Options:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • White


Custom Powdercoating Options are available but will require discussion with EcoPowerParts on availability.


If you order a raw pipe with stock BoV or no BoV, these are in stock ready to ship.

Red or Blue Silicone hoses add 3-5 days for delivery, when this option is requested the rear 1.5" to 2" adapter (behind the engine) is provided in black as is the lower front turbo to intercooler pipe.


Factory BoV option allows you to reconnect the factory valves from the stock pipes onto these new pipes in a VTA configuration only.


These are custom parts made specifically to your specifications based off of the combination chosen via the drop down menus.


Please click to read up on the Tial Q BoV


Please click to read up on the Tial QR BoV


Tial BoV (Q or QR) option supplies a Tial BoV with 10 PSI spring (this is not a boost related spring, it relates to vacuum at idle, standard for 3.5 ecoboost is 19" of vacuum) If you are getting a different idle vacuum reading please let me know so I can order the appropriate spring you desire.

No BoV option allows you to have your fabricator weld your own BoV onto the pipes - do not get the pipes coated if you want to use your own BoV.


These pipes replace your factory turbo to intercooler and intercooler to throttle body pipes with new aluminum pipes and silicone hoses along with T-clamps for installation. This is a complete kit with the following options: No BoV or Factory BoV mounts or Tial BoV We can also supply powdercoated or non-powdercoated pipes. These pipes are practically required when you upgrade your turbos. The factory rubber and plastic parts do not like high boost levels and will split/crack and leak. Don't chase boost leaks, install these and no more headaches! All parts are included, T clamps, black silicone hoses and your choice of blow off valve.


Please be aware, these are custom fabricated parts made to order and take 10 to 15 business days to complete.


Please watch the following video, the front turbo pipe is now a custom silicone hose with 2 clamps making the install MUCH easier.


Please make sure to wash and blow out the pipes prior to installing it is possible there is machining oil and metal shavings in the pipes after manufacturing is completed.


Powder coating blemishes on the end of the pipes due to machining oil will be covered by the silicone hoses and will not impact the functionality and/or appearance of the pipes.



Common Methanol Injection System Nozzle Sizes:

  • 1/8" NPT:
    • AEM
    • Devil's Own
    • Snow Performance
    • Pro Meth
    • Alky Control


If you will be utilizing a different kit, please consult the manufacturer to ensure you are ordering the correct pipe fitting size. We cannot be held responsible for incorrectly ordered fittings.

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